Hosted PBX Systems

Hosted PBX is a widely used term today with different interpretations and definitions. Each business VoIP service provider has implemented their own versions of what they believe is a hosted PBX system and this has led to confusion and misconceptions in the marketplace.

Hosted PBX is a business communications web service, delivered over a data connection. Hosted PBX is unique in that it is truly a web service with no PBX hardware to manage at your end.

There is no single point of failure for “your” PBX, no single instance of an Asterisk server or other IP PBX installed on a single physical server and no single network component that can fail and cause “your” PBX instance to have personal problems. Instead, your PBX service is managed along with our largest customers on a single platform, with completely redundant databases, servers, routers and Internet connections. Your hosted pbx service does not run on a single box that can fail and bring your service to a screeching halt.